3132 - This would never happen...

c0028 -- Fri, 2006 Jul 21
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Nothing to say, really...

In order to increase the overall humor, I think I'll start pasting
bits from IRC conversations we have.  These will be mostly unedited,
and I won't feel that bad if it requires a bit of outside knowledge.

| * MrMauve is working on a little utility program
| 14:19 < MrMauve> now the only remaining issue is being able to get rid
|                  of these buttons
| 14:20 < MrMauve> then perhaps I can figure out how to position the
|                  dialog differently
| 14:20 < MrBeige> build a science facility, covert ops, ghosts,
|                  nukes. that'll get rid of them
| 14:20 < MrBeige> I think
| 14:21 < MrMauve> ok I'll give that a try

MrCyan: MrBeige, if you sleep in the freight elevator, someone will
    call security and you will go to jail.
MrBeige: I'll just explain that I work here and it will be OK.
MrCyan: You'll probably start laughing insanely
MrCyan: Then, they will take you to a sanatorium and it will be
    much harder to get you out of there.