3132 - Brushing Teeth

c0015 -- Tue, 2006 Jul 04
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I decided to postpone the distraction sequence.  I thought this would
be funnier.

Hahaha.  Isn't that great?

Really, I thought people would probably get bored with what we were
doing.  It was going to get funnier, but we can always come back to

And yes, I am immune to holidays.

(Jan  17, 2006 -- PCL Restroom)
(Jan 18, 2006 -- PCL Restroom)
(Jan 19, 2006 -- PCL Restroom)
(Jan 20, 2006 -- PCL Restroom)
For that matter, MrBeige brushed his teeth in the PCL restroom seven
    days a week, once or twice a day...
MrBeige: (thinks) Why does this seem so weird?