3132 - More distractions 1

c0013 -- Fri, 2006 Jun 30
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With all of our spare time, we could do government work on the side.
Probably we'd work on designing a mission to Mars!

This art is out of proportion, moves around some, and sloppy.  That's
because Richard did it.  At least I am content that you will find it
funny if you get the other joke hidden above.

In other news, updates should now come at 0400 each day instead of
1600.  But if we don't have one done the day before, you'll have to

MrBeige: Will your parameters file always be in kJ/mol?
MrBeige: (thinks) This is going to turn out bad someday...
MrCyan: Yes?
MrBeige: Wow, that was only 90 seconds.  Get that down to 20 and
    maybe I won't forget.