3132 - MrCyan is too busy to answer...

c0011 -- Wed, 2006 Jun 28
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This is actually a fairly common scene around here.  Eventually, he
usually responds, but in the coming days you'll see just what that

I just asked him if what I wrote above sounds good.  He was doing
something else and said "uuh... sure."  He didn't even hear.  It
doesn't bode well for MrBeige in the coming days...

We are going to try experimenting with coloring an object in each
frame, to see if a small highlight makes it look nice.

MrBeige: Hey, MrCyan, is it safe to assume that you will always
    convert units before input?
MrCyan: one moment...
(time passes...)
MrCyan: one sec...
MrBeige: umm...