3132 - MrCyan is "more professional".

c0010 -- Tue, 2006 Jun 27
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Carlos actually said something like this when he saw #9, and it fits
in with what his character is supposed to be like.  So that is
documented here.  Unfortunately, I don't think the analogy with
Heisenberg's principle came out that well.  Maybe I can think of
something better later.

(answering machine): and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
MrCyan: Hey!  You little kids!
MrCyan: What do you think we are?  We are professional scientists.  We
    have standards to live up to.
MrCyan: Plus, didn't you mom ever tell you not to have the answering
    machine say what you are doing?
(answering machine): Hello.  You have reached the offices of Cyan,
    Beige, Blonde, and Blank.  The Heisenberg principle states that
    answering machines should not state both position and momentum,
    and right now our velocity is zero.  Please leave a
    message. Beep.