3132 - We found an answering machine.

c0009 -- Mon, 2006 Jun 26
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We really did find an answering machine, and we thought about hooking
it up.  We made up funny messages we could put on it, like this one.
We never did it (and I think we found the answering machine didn't
work anyways).

I updated c0008.
It better conveys the idea I wanted.  Check it out.

(Our heroes are cleaning their office)
MrBlank: Hey, look.  An old answering machine.
MrBeige: Awesome.  Let's play with it.
MrBlank: We should throw it away.  It is old and we never use the
    phone anyway.
MrBeige: Or, we could act juvenile and set it up with a cute message.
Ring, Ring, Ring.  (answering machine): Greetings.  You have reached
    the theoretical chemistry offices of Cyan, Beige, Blonde, and
    Blank, ACS certified Quantum and Statistical Mechanics.  We are
    meeting with a pair of electrons right now, please leave a
    message.  Beep.