3132 - MrBlonde, the idealist.

c0008 -- Fri, 2006 Jun 23
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I think I'll come back and touch this one up some.  I messed up some
when scanning it in, and wanted to move some dialog around a little

MrCyan: Hey, MrBlonde, got any ideas for a comic?
MrBlonde: Nah, I'm busy working.  I got to get my research going so I
          can get out of here.
MrBeige: But you have only been here one year!
MrBlonde: I've already spent a year in classes.  I need to do my research.
MrBeige: The new ones are so idealistic
MrCyan: Just like we were
MrCyan: His attitude won't last long
MrBeige: What made us see the light?
MrBeige: Want to play Freecraft?
MrBlonde: 2v2 BGH I host
MrBlank: Y'all are going down!
MrBeige: You go Terran