3132 - MrBeige *really* doesn't want to waste food.

c0007 -- Thu, 2006 Jun 22
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In reality, Carlos was able to keep Richard from saving that burrito,
and Richard _wouldn't_ go looking for "bonus drinks".

MrBeige: Hey, MrCyan, you haven't given me your food yet.
MrCyan: You know I do _not_ share food.
MrBeige: Come on! (swipes at MrCyan's food)
MrCyan: No way! (defends his food)
(MrBeige and MrCyan are standing and scuffling)
MrBeige: Let me eat your leftovers!
MrCyan: No, they are mine to trash!
MrCyan: There!  It's over.  (puts food in trash can)
MrCyan: There, it's in the trash now.
MrBeige: (hands in trash can) But it's still protected by the wrapper.
MrBeige: (mouth full) Don't worry, I've done this before
MrBeige: (holding food and a drink) And I found a bonus drink, too.