3132 - Introducing MrBlank

c0003 -- Fri, 2006 Jun 16
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In Real Life, MrBlank doesn't play silly color games.

MrCyan: Hi
MrBlank: Hello
MrBeige: So, I am MrBeige, and this is MrCyan
MrBeige: And now you have to pick a color in this office
MrBlank: How about "Bob"
MrCyan: That's _not_ a color!
MrBlank: (gets angry) grr
MrBeige: Do you have a favorite color?
MrCyan: Hey, we are talking to you
MrBlank: Hm.....
MrCyan and MrBeige: ummmm...
MrBeige: OK, you'll be MrBlank then.
MrCyan: Ha!
MrBlank: go away!