3132 - Daily Texan comics are easy to make.

c0001 -- Wed, 2006 Jun 14
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Our first comic!  This one was drawn by MrBeige, so it doesn't look
that good.  Carlos will fix up the later ones.

For the record, the Daily Texan is UT's student newspaper, and this
comic really was the first one we submitted to it.  They published it.

MrBeige: Man, some of those comics are bad
MrCyan: Even we could make one
MrBeige: But we have no art talent
MrCyan: That's OK.
MrBeige: But we don't have anything funny
MrCyan: That's OK
MrBeige: Even our inside jokes aren't funny
MrCyan: That's OK
MrBeige and MrCyan: hahaha