3132 - The real life of academics

Tue, 2008 Jun 24 -- Facebook 2 continued (c0240)
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The Comic
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Almost three months since the last update.  You should keep annoying
me until you see more, if you like reading them.

I still have ideas stored away, but I am getting them less often now
since I have class much less often.  For the time being, one or two
per week is reasonable.

Things to do:

Welcome to 3132, a comic about what academics do. It began as the not-quite-true but also not-quite-false story of how much fun four academics (officemates) have while at work, but has since moved to a much wider variety of things, mostly related to university life.

There are still "Classic 3132s", which are based on what four academics sitting in a room together all day, every day, end up doing and thinking about doing. The characters might be based on real people, but don't believe what you see! We actually do work all day... really, we do.

We try to update every M-F, so be sure you get the latest ones. You can email us (Richard) at 3132@zgib.net. We'd also love for you to spread word of this site to others who might be interested. We have a RSS feed. You can get comics by email (one day late) if you'd like.

Credits: Richard makes up the dialogs and draws them. Inspiration comes from life--- sometimes nearly verbatim. Richard tries to give credit in the comments. In the past, either Carlos or Richard has drawn them, whoever had time. Carlos created the prototype artwork for the "Classic 3132s" MrGreen prototyped the program that makes the HTML pages, and MrMauve hosts some images.